Program & Services

Who Qualifies for Services

Our clients must be 19 years of age and be pregnant or have physical custody of at least one child. They must also meet one of the following HUD guidelines:

  • Living in housing unsuitable for human habitation
  • Living in a shelter
  • Living in a transitional housing program and approaching their exit date
  • Facing eviction within seven days


Nestled in the tranquil grounds of the Saint Benedictine Monastery, BARN is comprised of three large apartments called "neighborhoods", our facility can house up to 12 families at a time, four to each neighborhood. The moms and their children have their own spacious bedroom with a bathroom and share the common living spaces - living room, playroom, kitchen, dining room, pantries and laundry area - with the other mothers in their neighborhood.

Support Services

Our  program is designed to help these mothers find the right tools and skills to overcome barriers and build the groundwork to change their lives. We give our clients between 18 and 24 months to complete the program, with most successfully completing it within 15 months.  Support services include case management, counseling, life skills, financial management, education and employment assistance and help in locating permanent housing. Together, with the adult case manager, clients develop an action plan to address education, employment, housing, financial planning and the well being of their children. Each mother contributes 30% of her adjusted income towards an escrow, or savings, account.  This money is held for the mother until she leaves BARN when she recieves the full amount. For some of our moms, this is first savings account they have ever had.

Contact Information

To learn more about the programs and services available, please call Tammy Perkins at 703-369-1325 or send an email request.