Success Stories – Through the Years at BARN

Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Sabrina came to us as a 36 year-old first time mother of her 5-month old son. Sabrina said she had not planned to be a parent, and never thought she was the “mothering type”. She recently left an abusive relationship and came to BARN from a domestic violence safe-house. Sabrina was also dealing with depression, obesity, and very low self-esteem.  During her stay at BARN, Sabrina was able to work, save money, receive counseling to build her self-confidence, and completed a correspondence course to further her education.  After leaving BARN she successfully had gastric bypass surgery. Sabrina looks, and more importantly feels, great. She is happy, much healthier, and is employed full-time.

Kay came to BARN from an abusive situation with her two children.  Kay was a nurse, was employed, but had no resources or credit with which to borrow money.  Her abusive partner had not allowed her to have any independent finances or resources.  Kay left her abuser to find a safe place for her and her children.  In 16 short months at BARN, Kay was able to save money, build credit, and buy a house in her own name with a traditional mortgage.

Laticia, a mother of 5 children, came to BARN after moving from state to state over a two year period.  She was unable to support her family independently and had been moving back and forth to live with family.  Laticia needed a fresh start and time to build stability for her children.  At BARN Laticia reduced her debt, improved her credit, learned to budget, found a job, and was able to heal from traumas she had suffered and grew with her children.  Laticia graduated from BARN and was able to rent her own house.  Laticia has maintained self-sufficient housing in the same home for the last two years and counting.

Cathy was seven years old when she came to BARN and the second of five children.  She and her siblings attended eight different schools in the last two years.  She did not know how to read after first grade and was retained so she could “catch up”.  During her two years at BARN Cathy and her brother went to the same school and were able to “catch up” with the extra help of BARN tutors.  When Cathy entered BARN she didn’t have the confidence to read “cat” out loud.  By the time she left BARN she was reading chapter books.  Recently, it was reported to BARN staff that this year she achieved the honor roll at school and continues to have high grades.

Nicole came to BARN from a very abusive relationship, seeking safety and resources to help her get back in the workforce and finish her education.  Nicole stayed at BARN for 11 months, at which point she received a housing assistance voucher.  Upon receiving the voucher she moved into her own townhouse with her three boys.  Since her voucher came early and Nicole had to leave BARN early, she chose to continue to attend the Lifeskills classes and kept her children in BARN’s tutoring program for an additional 6 month follow up period after graduating.  Nicole also finished her Bachelor’s degree from Strayer University and became employed by a major defense contractor in the area within one year of leaving BARN.